Our eco responsibility runs deep.

We believe sustainable timber harvesting is key in maintaining healthy forests while providing raw materials for manufacturing. By standing up for cleaner air and water and helping sustain plantlife and the wildlife it nurtures, we are leading the way in an industry that is dedicated to the most sustainable source of raw material in the world.
Social and environmental certifications.

We make it our business to be certified to the highest social and environmental standards in the market. We are pleased to offer our customers Chain of Custody certified papers not only through the Forest Stewardship Council®, but also the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. SFI® certification can provide even higher sustainability ratings than FSC® certification due to the personal responsibility we must take on the harvest site to ensure that best management practices are always followed.

SFI® certified fiber sourcing (overachiever alert).

Expera Specialty Solutions is also certified according to the SFI® Certified Fiber Sourcing requirements. In other words, we:

  • Encourage landowners to reforest after land has been harvested.
  • Protect water quality, wildlife habitats, endangered species and unique & special cultural sites.
  • Create healthier forests through reduction of pathogens and invasive species while providing for multiple uses to occur simultaneously.
  • Audit our procurement process to verify we are true to our commitments.


Expera FSC & Controlled Wood Certificate
Expera SFI Certificate
Expera SFI Certified Fiber Sourcing
Expera PEFC Certificate
Expera FSC Group Logger

To support and promote the efforts of enhancing and continuing sustainable forest management throughout the industry, Expera’s active education/outreach program is focused on providing up‐to‐date information on sustainable forest management techniques, biological diversity enhancement, conservation practices, and certification opportunities to their wood suppliers.  More information for landowners
can be found here:
Expera Landowner Resource Guide
2016 SFI Wisconsin Landowners Manual