Bringing a Unique Experience to My Customers

Melissa Parsons, Account Manager

As an Account Manager for Expera Specialty Solutions, I take great pride in being the voice of my customers. I’m grateful my customers constantly offer me diverse experiences, and I come to work excited daily with the ultimate goal of elevating their experience. I get to leverage my knowledge of their products and goals, and find the best solutions to fit their needs. It’s my job to be involved in all aspects of my customers’ process; from product innovation to on-time delivery.

Expera has a rich 130+ year history, but that doesn’t mean we’re not innovative. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is working with my customer on a new product and seeing it brought to market. I have the ability to host my customers right at our manufacturing sites to give them a full view of our capabilities and exposure to our “paper scientists.” This collaborative innovation process ultimately invents a new product for our customer in the most efficient manner.

In the three years I’ve been here, I’ve been a part of numerous start-to-finish product developments. It’s remarkable to see us meet our customers’ strategic goals by combining the brilliant minds of both their team and ours. By getting a view to our customers’ goals at the “idea” stage, we have the ability to co-develop which shortens the time from ideation to creation.

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