Supercalendered Kraft

Supercalendered Kraft (SCK)

Presera® Pressure Sensitive Products

Performance under pressure. Expera provides an expansive range of Supercalendered Kraft (SCK) paper solutions to meet the challenging demands of today’s Pressure Sensitive applications.

Expera’s SCK products are found in a wide range of release applications.

Common uses include:

  • Medical
  • Specialty Tapes
  • Fiber Composite
  • Label

Product Attributes:

  • Superior die-cut ability for hassle-free conversion
  • Excellent smoothness and gloss for consistent silicone coverage
  • One- and two-side performance characteristics that provide the ability to design precise release platforms
  • Compatible with all silicone chemistries
  • Non-yellowing (optional)

Product Range 

Paper FinishesSupercalendered
Basis Weight LBS24# – 120#
Basis Weight GSM39 – 200
FiberBleached & Natural
Caliper1.6 mil – 4.7+ mil
Typical ApplicationsLabels, Specialty Tapes, Graphic Arts, Medical, Composites, Casting, Standard PS Grades

Available in multiple colors.