Softwood and Hardwood Pulp

Natural Pulp

Expera’s been producing quality pulp for more than 130 years, and proudly offers customers a natural wet lap pulp made from both soft and hard woods. Our Natural Pulp is fast-refining, easily repulpable and highly uniform. Plus we make shipping a breeze with your choice of truck or intermodal transport.

To learn more about our pulp program, please contact Marie Dercks at 920.766.8763 or

Product Range 

Products Softwood, Optical Brightener Free (SW-OBF)
Tappi Dirt Min 200, Max 400
Hunter L-Value 60 – 62.5
Air Dry 53%
Products Hardwood, Optical Brightener Free (HW-OBF)
Tappi Dirt Min 300, Max 500
Hunter L-Value 62 – 65
Air Dry 52%