Adhera® Tape Backing

Though we serve today’s top tape manufacturers with our industry-leading Adhera™ Tape Backing Paper, we’re happy to support companies of any size. Expera specializes in engineering one-of-a-kind products in close partnership with brand owners.

Need a unique base paper? With our 50+ years of experience in the Tape industry, we can customize a solution that works for your specific adhesive or release system.

Here’s more information about our Adhera Fine Line Products.

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Product Range 

Paper FinishesCrepe, Smooth Crepe, Fine Line, Extensible, MG, MF
Basis Weight LBS18.5# – 86.5#
FiberBleached, Natural, Blended & Colors
Caliper2.5 mil – 10 mil (Crepe), 3.5 mil – 7.5 mil (Flatback), 2.0 mil – 6.0 mil (MG)
Stretch6.0 – 15.5% (Crepe), 4.0 – 9.0% (Extensible)
Typical ApplicationsPainters Tape, Masking Tape, Water Activated Tape, Flatback Tape, Carton Tapes, Gypsum Joint Tape, Decorative Japanese-Style Masking Tape, Medical Tape

Available in multiple colors.