Steel Interleave


Steel-Sheild® Interleaving Paper

When surface finish protection is critical, manufacturers look to Expera for solutions. Expera is a leading manufacturer of chemically-controlled steel interleave papers used in the production, packaging and shipping of metals. Our highly engineered sheets are continuously monitored during the production process and rigorously tested to ensure the highest product quality and performance.

Our Steel-Shield® Interleave is a technically superior protective paper used by steel producers around the world. Our Extensible (XKL) sheet provides added stretch (5-10%) for less chance of breakage, greater heat resistance and enhanced oil absorbency allowing for multiple passes.

Product Range 

Paper FinishesMG, MG, XKL Crepe
Basis Weight LBS13.5# – 60#
Basis Weight GSM32 – 98.4
FiberBleached & Natural
Typical ApplicationsStainless Steel Interleave (Cold Rolling, Bright Annealing, Skin Pass, Finishing)  Aluminum, Litho Plate