We produce high-quality, Medical-grade Technical Papers to meet the demanding environments of Hospital, Dental and Pharmaceutical product markets.

These grades are designed for sterilization using ETO, autoclave and gamma methods. Based on the application, functionality regarding controlled peel with/without fiber lift and controlled opacity are designed into the sheet.

Typical end-use products include:

  • Medical glove & catheter packaging
  • Gauze wrap
  • First-aid dressings
  • Lidding stock

Papers are engineered for cold seal DPO (natural or synthetic latex) or heat seal DPO (cohesive or direct seal systems) depending on your specification.

We recognize the lengthy qualification procedures necessary to meet design specifications, and offer a cooperative development approach to expedite the process.

Product Range 

Paper Finishes MF, MG
Basis Weight 16# – 46#
GSM 26 – 75
Typical Applications Surgical Gown and Drape, Medical Device Packaging, Medical Wipes

Available in multiple colors.