Crepe Specialty

Crepe Specialty

Expera has more than 50 years’ experience producing Creped Specialty Papers for multiple applications such as filters, wet wipes, interleavers, and packaging tapes. Every step of the way, we’ve worked closely with our customers to develop specialized solutions that optimize stretch, consistency, strength, caliper and smoothness.

As the leading supplier for top global tape manufacturers in addition to interleaving for glass and steel, we offer you everything from semi-bleached backings, to natural and colors.

Product Range 

Paper FinishesCrepe, Smooth Crepe
Basis Weight LBS20# – 130#
FiberBleached, Natural, Blended & Colors
Caliper3.0 mil – 19 mil
Stretch3.0 – 15%
Typical ApplicationsTwisting, Cable Wrap, Electrical Insulation (transformer), Die Wipe,
Carpet Seaming Tape, Seed Germinating, Filters (industrial & coffee), Bulk Seed Bags, Lumber Wrap, Specialty Release Liner, Medical Glove Wrap

Available in multiple colors.