Meat and Dairy

Meat & Dairy

Separate. Release. Repeat. Expera’s Meat and Dairy Papers keep individual food slices neatly separate, while easily releasing from products that have been vacuum packaged, frozen or thawed. Offering a breadth of performance options, Expera produces layout sheets for raw and pre-cooked applications as well as paper-based solutions designed to address a variety of needs in today’s refrigerated and frozen food categories.

Product Range 

Paper Finishes MF, MG, SCK, Glassine
Basis Weight 20# – 50#
GSM 33 – 81
Fiber Bleached, Natural & PCW
Product Features Grease Resistance, Wet Strength, Water Holdout
Typical Applications Bacon Layout, Steak Papers, Cheese Interleave, Giblet Wrap, Butcher Wrap

Available in multiple colors.