FluoroFree® Paper: What it is and Why We Care

Because of our breadth of product offerings and our market presence, Expera Specialty Solutions has the unique ability to truly understand all of the options that are out there. If you’re at a grocery store and you’re looking for a food product to be packaged maybe in a more “natural” way, there are companies like Expera who are working towards providing a solution that fills that gap.

Recently, Expera released Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® papers, a product line that offers grease resistance and functions in a variety of applications, including microwave popcorn bags, food wraps, clamshells and quick service restaurant bags – but without the use of fluorochemicals.

While Expera has been manufacturing grease-resistant papers for nearly 100 years — well before the creation of fluorochemistry — we keep adapting our Grease-Gard® family of technologies to hit every performance and sustainability goal our customers need because we want consumers to feel confident in the products they choose to buy.

It’s easy to see how Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® fills a gap in the marketplace when we look at the strong public perceptions around fluorochemicals. There’s a lot of opinions out there and sometimes an opinion from a consumer is even more important than fact because we know our consumers want to have confidence; they want to have faith in these products.

As people have concerns around fluorochemistry or other attributes that are in food packaging, I think it’s really important for us to give options.

If you’re passionate about something, whether it’s been formally regulated or not, we have the ability at Expera to build a product that addresses those concerns and we’re doing it in a way that’s ahead of the curve. We’re creating a product that meets your needs as a desire because you want something that you feel good about.

Whether you’re a PhD chemist or a mom at home who wants a product that’s better for your child, we believe you should have that option.