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Kaukauna, WI: Expera Specialty Solutions is launching a new product brand around its natural paper products known as Expera trulyNatural™.  Natural papers offer a higher log-to-paper yield than bleached papers, and require much less energy and fewer chemicals to process while still maintaining a high level of performance integrity.

“Expera’s trulyNatural™ papers are easy on the environment yet hardworking in their intended applications,” stated Robyn Buss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Expera Specialty Solutions. “And natural papers make quite the statement. They offer excellent printability, coatability, and a sharp brand image while providing your customers with the eco packaging options consumers are demanding.”

Some producers use “dye-back bleached paper;” easily confused with natural fiber. This is a process of adding brown dyes to bleached pulp. Dye-back bleached paper does not offer any of the natural paper’s additional sustainability benefits. Expera’s products are trulyNatural™ and do not use dyes to create an unbleached appearance.

In addition to already being experts in natural papers, Expera also offers triple Chain-of-Custody certification.

Consumers increasingly desire guarantees that harvested trees, paper, and wood products come from properly managed sources. Offering FSC®, SFI®, and PEFC certification not only supports customer requirements, it also confirms Expera’s  “We believe sustainable timber harvesting is imperative to maintaining healthy forests while providing renewable raw materials,” explained Buss. “Offering all three certifications from four manufacturing facilities provides a unique solution for our customers and enhances our SOAR™ commitment of going ‘Above and Beyond for a Better Earth.’”

What makes Expera’s trulyNatural™ paper unique in the  industry – it is manufactured at all four of Expera’s Wisconsin facilities and across multiple assets providing secure supply and the production capacity needed to meet the growing    market demand.