Meat & Dairy

Meat and Dairy

Separate. Release. Repeat. Expera’s Meat and Dairy Papers keep individual food slices neatly separate, while easily releasing from products that have been vacuum packaged, frozen or thawed. Offering a breadth of performance options, Expera produces layout sheets for raw and pre-cooked applications as well as paper-based solutions designed to address a variety of needs in today’s refrigerated and frozen food categories.

Product Range 

Paper Finishes MF, MG, SCK, Glassine
Basis Weight 20# – 50#
GSM 33 – 81
Fiber Bleached, Natural & PCW
Product Features Grease Resistance, Wet Strength, Water Holdout
Typical Applications Bacon Layout, Steak Papers, Cheese Interleave, Giblet Wrap, Butcher Wrap

Available in multiple colors.